In our combined 175 years of maritime experience we have had the opportunity to service many families looking to experience the vast opportunities the sea has to offer. As a sales and service team we offer our clients a complete buying experience.

Our Company:

Yachting Experts was established in 2009 on the core principle of complete customer satisfaction. As such, we employ a fully dedicated and comprehensive staff to service all aspects of your yacht buying or selling experience. Understanding the needs of our clientele and providing the absolute best personal service is the benchmark of how we operate. Located in South Florida, we tend to an International audience of prospective clients and possess a firm comprehension of the trends in our global market. Yachting Experts is exclusively partnered with some of the premier names in the yachting industry such as Carver Yachts, Riviera Yachts, Belize Yachts, and Wider Yachts.

Our Staff:

The passion we hold for this industry is sewn into the fabric of our staff. Our dedicated team ensures that every client receive the highest level of attention to detail. We pledge to make your investment our top priority. With over 25 years of combined maritime experience, we vow to navigate your journey and provide you with complete piece of mind throughout all stages of your buying and/or selling process. Our marketing prowess ensures that every client is being represented to the utmost, and our knowledge is yours to exploit.

Our Pledge:

We vow to provide all of our customers with the most comprehensive service in the industry. We guarantee that no competitors can match the passion we will infuse to your experience. We shall exhaust all our resources to provide you with ultimate satisfaction.

Equipped with a vast marketing background, Yachting Experts is able to assist in the positioning and sale of your pre-owned vessel, offering creative and effective ways of marketing your investment. With our marine industry knowledge and experience, we can guide you towards the right product that will satisfy your family’s needs and lifestyle, always ensuring that your risk is minimized.

If you are looking to purchase a new or pre-owned vessel, we encourage you to contact Yachting Experts and allow us to provide you with the information and knowledge you will need upon making your investment. We are eager to prove our dedication to our potential customers. Contact us for client referrals or any other information we can provide to help you make an educated choice.

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We take great pride in providing the best customer service in the boating industry. Our veteran staff of knowledgeable yacht brokers will ensure you receive the highest level of attention towards your investment. By delivering the most extensive personal service to our clients we have cultivated strong relationships within the boating community. Our connection and understanding with the boating market gives our customers a personal insider to the industry.




Tel. (305) 812-2854

Frank De Varona’s passion for boating began as a child in Puerto Rico, where he worked on boats as a mean to fulfill his passion.  He left Puerto Rico to attend post secondary education in New England, where he obtained a Masters Degree in Science from Western New England College.  He continued to foster a love affair with the sea by becoming a Dive Master for the Search and Rescue Team, and eventually attaining 100-ton Master’s license.  After captaining several charter and private vessels in Boston Harbor, family commitments brought his family to South Florida, where he began his career as a Yacht Broker.

An active board member of the Florida Yacht Brokers Association, FYBA, he promotes membership in Association and oversees the Miami Boat Show Kickoff Party to benefit Shake A Leg, Miami; a non-profit organization that offers individuals with physical and social limitations the ability to enjoy the many amenities our waters have to offer.

On his time off he enjoys boating and fishing.



BETTY DE VARONAPrincipal, Marketing & Sales, CPYB

Tel. (305) 331-1908

Before founding Yachting Experts, Betty excelled as a sales and marketing manager for BellSouth. Taking her 13 years of corporate marketing experience she transitioned to the boating industry where she could combine her extensive advertising background with her love of the boating lifestyle. Betty enhanced her knowledge of the business by applying her expertise to the boating industry as a sales and marketing manager for several prestigious boating dealerships.

In 2009, Yachting Experts was founded to cater to South Florida and Latin American audiences, designed to fulfill the desires of boating enthusiasts by providing them with superior customer service and invaluable insight into the boating market. Betty embodies the spirit of Yachting Experts by infusing passion and determination to all aspects of her business.

She is proud to lead a staff of likeminded yacht brokers to represent Yachting Experts and the values of complete customer satisfaction. It is for this reason that Betty maintains strong relationships with customers and associates alike, possessing an innate ability to combine her business with her pleasure.

Carlos Dominguez

Carlos Dominguez Yacht Broker

Tel. (305) 962-8980

Born in Cuba and raised in Miami, Carlos has been a licensed yacht broker since 2003. His proficiency for understanding the mindset of boaters and their needs has been finely tuned by his accumulated experience in the boating industry. Carlos provokes confidence within his clients by approaching every situation with a combination of tenacity and patience, ensuring a completely satisfying experience.

Carlos is a seasoned veteran of our industry who excels at fulfilling the utmost desires and conditions for all of his customers. He takes great pride in his work and delivers exceptional results to those who invest in him. Carlos appreciates the idea that yachtsmen are a breed apart, as he is one himself. We have been privileged to have Carlos on the Yachting Experts team since 2011.

Rafael Garmendia

Rafael Garmendia Yacht Broker

Tel. (786) 234-7112

Born and raised in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, Rafael has been involved with the boating lifestyle since his early childhood.  From that young obsession, Rafael naturally continued into the boating industry working in the transporting of boats from Latin America. After years of working inside the business, he decided to focus his talents and energy towards becoming a yacht broker.

In 2010, Rafael joined the Yachting Experts team after being introduced to owners Frank and Betty. His passion for the work he does, extensive knowledge of the Latin American market, and relentless dedication towards his customers make Rafael a perfect fit on our team.

Roger Andrade

Roger AndradeYacht Broker

Tel. (305) 740-7167

A retired Merchant Marine officer from Caracas, Venezuela, Roger studied at the nautical school of Venezuela for 5 years and also worked as a captain for privately owned yachts before transitioning into the yacht brokerage business. A true seaman at heart, Roger prefers spending most his time on the open sea with his family and clients. Possessing a firm grasp of all aspects of the boating lifestyle, Roger exudes enthusiasm for his business. He imparts confidence on his clients by supplying them with a comprehensive understanding of everything related to their yachting investment. Roger is an invaluable ally that assists his customers well beyond their initial purchase.

Bric Peeples

Bric PeeplesYacht Broker

Tel. (305) 282-1006

A third generation Miami native, Captain Bric Peeples is an industry veteran with extensive knowledge pertaining to all matters marine related. Aside from his wealth of experience as a Captain, Bric has been fishing professionally for over 35 years and shares a passion with his customers for the boating lifestyle.

Bric is eager to bestow his wisdom upon his clients, ensuring sure they are equipped with the proper understanding to make the best investment for themselves and their family. Providing his clients with experienced insight into the boating industry, Bric is an essential component to the Yachting Experts team.

Luis Pagan

Luis Pagan Yacht Broker

Tel. (954) 661-3206

A true veteran of the sea, Captain Luis Pagan has been involved in the boating industry for over 30 years. Beginning his journey in his home of Puerto Rico, Luis worked with boats first hand doing mechanical repairs and remodeling interiors. He would go on to captain for private owners before making his transition into the brokering of yachting vessels.

Luis has brought with him his vast experience to the Yachting Experts family and applied his passion for boats towards helping his customers become informed buyers. He provides his customers with a wealth of insight on all aspects related to boating and establishes strong relationships with all of his clients. Yachting Experts is privileged to employ Luis as a part of our elite staff of yacht brokers.

Robert Ponce

Robert Ponce Yacht Broker

Tel. (786) 277-4847

Robert joins Yachting Experts with a unique background in aerospace engineering, bringing a unique and innovative twist to our sales team. Born and raised in the New York metropolitan area, Robert brings big city flair to the company.

Through his first experience on the Circle Line in Manhattan, to his involvement in the speedboat craze of the 1980’s, Robert’s attention to detail and his boating experiences provide a comprehensive and superior buying experience for our clients.

He enjoys the challenge of providing the client with a yacht that exceeds their expectations, while maintaining their budget considerations. Ensuring the experience of purchasing a yacht that is all you have dreamed of, and making those dreams a reality is what Robert enjoys most about his career.

Chic Longnecker

Chic Longnecker Yacht Broker

Tel. (954) 290-8141

Born and raised on the shores of Lake Erie, Chic comes to us with literally a lifetime of knowledge. Fishing, swimming, and water skiing were a way of life in his early years. These experiences gave Chic a love and respect for the water that has never faded. He has worked from bow to stern in every aspect of boating, including maintenance, cleaning and rigging, to the entrepreneurial venture of his own dealership. One of his most rewarding experiences came when he had the opportunity to run a vessel from New York to Ft. Lauderdale.

Relocating to south Florida in the 1980’s afforded Chic with the opportunity to learn the saltwater and year-round boating world, this ideal location has to offer. Quickly learning this aspect of the business, he soon found himself in a position to open a dealership. Working with Yachting Experts in the past, as well as having dealer ownership experience, he understands and delivers superior customer satisfaction and the purchase experience our clients deserve.

Knowing you are working with someone who has lived the entire boating experience, who knows the ins and outs and all that your purchase entails, provides peace of mind and ensures that each detail will be taken care of and your every expectation will be met.


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