Recovery Plan for Bermuda’s Resident Turtles

Repeating Islands


Bernews reports that the Department of Conservation Services has completed a management plan, in consultation with scientists and sea turtle specialists, which describes the actions needed to conserve Bermuda’s resident populations of green and hawksbill turtles. Here are excerpts of the report:

“The principal aim of this plan, entitled Recovery Plan for Bermuda’s Resident Green and Hawksbill Turtles, is to protect the species and their habitats and to contribute to national, regional, and global conservation efforts for marine turtles through knowledge-sharing and participation in international agreements,” a spokesperson said.

[. . .] “The greatest perceived threats to turtles are associated with human activities. These include: collision with motor boats and jet skis; entanglement in discarded monofilament fishing line; loss of seagrass habitat [green turtles feed on seagrasses] through dredging activities, damage from boat moorings and ecological processes; and incidental catch from fishing activities [both offshore long-lining and local shoreline…

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