Antigua: Caribbean News Service Interviews Lia Nicholson on Caribbean Environmental Issues

Repeating Islands


Caribbean News Service interviews Lia Nicholson on her involvement in the Caribbean, her interests, and issues related to the environment in the Caribbean, particularly Antigua and Barbuda, where she is based. Here are a few excerpts; please see the full interview in the link below:

lea.MG_6141Lia Nicholson, is a Project Coordinator at the Environment Division, Antigua & Barbuda. She has always been interested in the environment, and started at an early age with outdoor adventures along the coasts of Antigua. After starting college in the biology track, Lia soon transitioned from research to an environmental policy major with a focus on applied studies. Environmental management is, after all, about managing people and behaviors. In 2012, Lia enrolled in a Masters programme at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, where she studied the effects of climate change, focusing on impacts to coastal zones, with a view to applying this…

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