Oblivious to Obvious


navionics-web-app Map showing contour lines, indicating underwater layout of the sea floor

Recently, Vicki gave me some advice to try and help me find fish while exploring new areas for Snapper, “Look for little fingers and drop offs and work around those areas”. Drop offs, yeah I understood that and was pretty confident I could identify them on the sounder. Fingers on the other hand, what does that even mean and how do you identify them on the sounder?
When I was out on the water, I found rapid changes in water depth, tick I found the drop offs. I’d then continue moving around trying to work out what these ‘fingers’ were. It wasn’t until I was heading in for the day and my sounder was on a layout showing the mapping did I realise exactly what Vicki meant – contour lines.

I understand how important contour lines are when navigating…

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