New International Yacht Training courses at Utila Dive Center

Utila Dive Center / Scuba Diving, PADI Divemaster and Instructor news from the Caribbean

In 2013, UDC’s PADI Divemaster and Instructor training raised the game once more, expanding our amazing and comprehensive curriculum and course offerings and partnering with International Yacht Training (IYT) to offer the Dive Boat Mate and Coxswain/Captains programs.  The IYT professionally recognized boating qualifications are specifically targeted to meet the needs of the scuba diving industry and to develop PADI professionals maritime knowledge and skills including practical boat driving experience. The Dive boat Mate courses were introduced due to demand from the diving industry and cover components relating to health, safety, engineering, legal and competency aspects that are required to safely operate such a boat.

The IYT/PADI Dive Boat Mate is being offered and scheduled in conjunction with our PADI Divemaster and MSDT internships, and for already certified PADI Divemaster and Instructors these courses can be offered as a stand alone program. We will be offering training all year round for…

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