5 Common Mistakes People Make Around Yachts


For most people, being around mega yachts isn’t a normal occurrence. When a large 100+ footer rolls into a sleepy marina, it’s usually the talk of the town and people will often come and gawk at it unless you’re in a yachting hub like Ft. Lauderdale, the Med(iterranean), or anywhere you can find the top 1%. If you do happen to see one of these big boys rock up, you’ll want a good grasp of what is acceptable behavior unless you want to come across as a complete neophyte.

1. Unauthorized boarding is prohibited.

Just because there’s a boarding ladder, doesn’t mean it’s ok to get on a yacht. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been docked and random strangers try to board the yacht. A private yacht is like someone’s home — you wouldn’t randomly waltz into someone’s house let alone a yacht. Just don’t do it. If you’re lucky…

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