Yachting Experts, Why Choose Us?

Welcome to our blog!  We invite you to enjoy, share and provide feedback regarding our postings   Something you would like to see?  Just email or call and we will do our best to accommodate you.  We invite you to join our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter community to keep up with all the latest yachting industry news.

Once you have made the decision to purchase or sell your yacht, it is important to align yourself with a knowledgeable yacht brokerage firm to represent you in your transaction. Understand what to expect from your broker and how they can help you.

Peruse our inventory of featured yachts. Yachting Experts is proud to represent several of the finest yacht dealers in the boating industry including Riviera Yachts, Jarrett Bay, Drettmann Yachts, Sea Force IX, and many more.

Let us assist you in maintaining your yacht beyond its initial purchase. Yachting Experts will continue to ensure the proper function of your boat by providing yacht management services for all aspects regarding the proper maintenance of your vessel.

Yachting Experts was established in 2009 on the core principle of complete customer satisfaction. As such, we employ a fully dedicated and comprehensive staff to service all aspects of your yacht buying or selling experience. Understanding the needs of our clientele and providing the absolute best personal service is the benchmark of how we operate. Located in South Florida, we tend to an International audience of prospective clients and possess a firm comprehension of the trends in our global market. Yachting Experts is exclusively partnered with some of the premier names in the yachting industry such as Carver Yachts, Riviera Yachts, Belize Yachts, and Wider Yachts.

The passion we hold for this industry is sewn into the fabric of our staff. Our dedicated team ensures that every client receive the highest level of attention to detail. We pledge to make your investment our top priority. With over 25 years of combined maritime experience, we vow to navigate your journey and provide you with complete piece of mind throughout all stages of your buying and/or selling process. Our marketing prowess ensures that every client is being represented to the utmost, and our knowledge is yours to exploit.

We vow to provide all of our customers with the most comprehensive service in the industry. We guarantee that no competitors can match the passion we will infuse to your experience. We shall exhaust all our resources to provide you with ultimate satisfaction.

Equipped with a vast marketing background, Yachting Experts is able to assist in the positioning and sale of your pre-owned vessel, offering creative and effective ways of marketing your investment. With our marine industry knowledge and experience, we can guide you towards the right product that will satisfy your family’s needs and lifestyle, always ensuring that your risk is minimized.

If you are looking to purchase a new or pre-owned vessel, we encourage you to contact Yachting Experts and allow us to provide you with the information and knowledge you will need upon making your investment. We are eager to prove our dedication to our potential customers. Contact us for client referrals or any other information we can provide to help you make an educated choice.


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