Meet the Crew

Before founding Yachting Experts, Betty excelled as a sales and marketing manager for BellSouth. Taking her 13 years of corporate marketing experience she transitioned to the boating industry where she could combine her extensive advertising background with her love of the boating lifestyle. Betty enhanced her knowledge of the business by applying her expertise to the boating industry as a sales and marketing manager for several prestigious boating dealerships.

In 2009, Yachting Experts was founded to cater to South Florida and Latin American audiences, designed to fulfill the desires of boating enthusiasts by providing them with superior customer service and invaluable insight into the boating market. Betty embodies the spirit of Yachting Experts by infusing passion and determination to all aspects of her business.

She is proud to lead a staff of likeminded yacht brokers to represent Yachting Experts and the values of complete customer satisfaction. It is for this reason that Betty maintains strong relationships with customers and associates alike, possessing an innate ability to combine her business with her pleasure.


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